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Hair colorist to the stars

by Marcy Powel

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 Hair colorist to the stars Rodolfo Valentin at their NYC best hair colorists Salon or at their best hair colorist in Long Island Beauty Center are the salons to go for hair color emergency. As seen in the best hair color reviews, best Hair Colorist Rodolfo Valentin has colored some of the most famous heads in United States as well as Europe from Grace Kelly to Elizabeth Taylor or the Princess Maria Beatrice di Savoia between hundreds of other celebrities, socialites plus royalty which merit him with the NYC Best Hair Colorists award.

Best Hair Color Reviews

Hair colorist to the stars, Rodolfo Valentin plus his famous hair colorists group, are the hair color emergency people to see. Unquestionably they are experienced enough to comprehends how hair disasters can have women or men frightened from time to time.For Rodolfo Valentin hair colorists group, usually referred as the hair color emergency place to go or as the NYC best hair colorists group at their New York Salon and Spa or at their Long Island Beauty Center for best hair colorist in Long Island is a daily routine to see hair color accidents occurring at other salons, they do happen especially when the hair color turns out too dark.  

Hair Colorist to the Stars 

For some hair colorists having difficulties while working with formulations to achieve a great light shade it is at all times easier to work with dark shades but trying to undo it after the hair got to dark is delicate without triggering any injury to the hair. 
Here is where Rodolfo Valentin, best Hair Colorist, named by the media as the “King of Hair Color”, awarded  with a “10 out 10” points  by New York Magazine, utilizes his unique methods of altering hair color while holding the texture of the hair healthy what made him also the winner of the European “Hair coloring techniques” award, at the top 10 salons in New York, as noted in the best hair color reviews.

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Winners of the "Excellence in Customer Service Satisfaction" Award
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Getting the right hair colors is a work of searching; finding the best colorist NYC, is another matter.If you are looking for a dramatic change then the formula is to get hair color ideas and hair tips from hair color pictures, or stick to a hair color chart, to help you find the hair color trends to complement your skin tone and use the right hair color product.

It is better to experiment with temporary hair color or semi permanent hair color ,other than a permanent hair color, or otherwise you will get the wrong hair color and you will have to use a hair color remover. Then figure out if you're best off with all-over color or highlights or decide if you're going to seek advice from the hair color experts. Hair coloring is an art not the usual that we see in a hair color gallery or in hair color brands.

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Rodolfo Valentin and supermodel April Rose

Rodolfo Valentin is concern about womens health. If you are experiencing hair loss and need hair extensions or hairpieces that requires specific hairstyles or haircuts, you can have a good hair cut in a high reputation hair cuttery, and then search for hairstyles 2011 pictures to be in the hairstyles 2011 fashion or take a look to the before and after photos.

If hair color is your concern be aware with the hairspray, shampoo, or the conditioner you use, it can change your natural hair color and hurt you hair colored and you may have to look for a hairdresser, expert in damaged hair repair, to help you to recover your natural hair texture.   

 Hair colorist of the year, is Rodolfo Valentin, but there are plenty hair colorists in NYC, he is one of the few coloristic artists, or colorista ( as it is named in his native language) that have an special colorist art, also for men

Rodolfo Valentin has also made a coloristic film about coloristic hair and has been featured in an important colorist magazine as a result of his colorist artist, natural, talent. In his colorist salon he has been featured in several colorist review magazines. He is always focused in to avoid damage hair as it is showing in prestigious Wikipedia, profile.

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Rodolfo Valentin & supermodel Betul Alganatay

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Rodolfo Valentin and supermodel Jessyka Dennis

Rodolfo Valentin is constantly updated in the latest looks and trends and his name is featured in Salon Directory as a celebrity hairstylist, and unique hair extensions techniques and updos, performing only the latest hairstyles, hair cuts in all hair styles, short hairstyles, and long hair styles, as Jennifer Simpson, Jennifer Aniston and many other celebrities, or ebony hair styles as shakira, Beyonce or Tyra Banks, using his unique "Hair Infusion".

Pick the right shade of blonde hair color and get best hair color ideas, probably having help from hair highlights. Note than some women look good in any color (remember Linda Evangelista?), but most women don't.

Rodolfo Valentin as a redhead specialist, he is an expert dealing with Red hair color,also with black hair color, brunette hair color, dark hair color, light hair color, brown hair color, auburn hair color, etc;  there are not secrets for hair colour for Rodolfo Valentin, he can give you the best professional hair color than any other Hair Color Salon can offer, and as any other Beauty Salon, he can also give you unique hair color tips on hair dye color to avoid hair color correction, for which Rodolfo Valentin is named as the, best hair colorist expert,and considered the best hair color salon NYC,NY,New York, including any hairstyle or Highlights and one of the Best Haircut NYC, and the best Japanese straightening, brazilian keratin,and Brazilian Hair Straightening Treatment, bridal hair, up do, make up artist, hair dresser, noho and blow outs.

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Rodolfo Valentin and supermodel Mija Renee

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Rodolfo Valentin "Hair Angels"
His famous Beauty Salon uses the best hair care products as loreal hair color, Clairol hair color, wella hair color,goldwell hair color, feria hair color, Revlon hair color, henna hair color, and many hair color products for different hair color styles and hair color highlight results that match with your hair color skin.How to hide that grey?, Gray hair color can be resilient to hair dye because of its coarse texture. Grey hair color, If your hair is less than 15 percent gray opt for a semi-permanent color that's a shade lighter than your natural color or matches your color, the gray will blend right in. If your hair is grayer Rodolfo valentin suggests a permanent ashy color which will help your gray hair appear blonde. Without the need of using peroxide, hair color can also be enhanced by permanent colors, they are really the only way to completely cover gray hair. Also hair highlights or hair bleaching is another option using the right hair products at the right hair salon or hair salons with experience in this matter.

The correct hair shampoo from a good hair care products line can help. They are available at the beauty salons that offer hair dyes or temporary hair dye services.

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Hair Infusion Additions, the exclusive trademarked hair extensions technique of Rodolfo Valentin is the greatest tool to safely attach hair color or highlights to the hair without going through the hair color processes.


User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
by Claudia 05/10/2011
I was screaming to myself, "Where is the best hair color salon or who is the best hair colorist in NYC?" Nobody was able to answer me. Until one day while shopping in the city (I am from Long Island), a woman at Bergdorf Goodman was moving very proudly of her hair. It was not the quality of her hair that attracted me, it was her hair color, an endless and shiny multi shades of tones from the darkest to the lightest beiges, perfectly done.
Two hours later, I stopped for lunch at Nellos, which is my favorite restaurant in the city, I got a table at the sidewalk and while having my salad, there she was again and seated next to me. This time it looks like her hair was just done, very naturally done but shinier than when I saw her at Goodman. Incredibly beautiful and still better under the sun, it was creating more reflections. I was not able to control myself, I set my shame aside and I asked her where she gets such incredible hair color. She was nicer than I expected and she pointed with her finger to the door next to the restaurant and said: right here.. I could not wait to finish my lunch to walk into the salon.
There was Rodolfo Valentin, very gentle and kind. He told me all I need to do about my hair, and he added: if you trust your hair to me in a few months you will be very proud of it...He said that nothing was wrong with my texture or my style, it was the hair color. I told him that I live in Manhasset, NY, and he told me that he also has a salon in Long Island just 15 minutes from where I live. I am very sorry I did not meet him before. Now I have an incredible gorgeous hair color, exactly what I was always dreaming of and the unexpected advantage of having him on New York City when I am there or I can also run on Saturdays to his Long Island salon. Since I found Rodolfo Valentin, I would never let nobody else touch my hair, not even for a blow-dry, as I promised him, my hair is all his', now and everlasting!

About Us…Enriching the expertise of hair color to a fine art concept, creative and unique, concerned and spontaneous, Rodolfo Valentin is one of the utmost distinguished hair colorists in today’s beauty trade. As well-defined by one of the best publications editor in the United States: “Rodolfo Valentin is the walking encyclopedia of hair...."But Rodolfo has completed more than produce dramatic hair color for superstars and personalities that made him and his amazing hair color group the winners of several awards including the “NYC best hair colorists”. Rodolfo Valentin is often mentioned to as the world’s master of hair coloring named by the press as the “King of Hair Color” that has gotten celebrity rank himself. Rodolfo dynamism, imagination, abilities and far-reaching methodical knowledge are supplemented by his unmatched common sense of elegance. His talent is stimulated by every specific customer’s appearance; not by a predetermined or an existing vogue. For Rodolfo Valentin every single face turn into an image he edges immaculately with unique hair coloring techniques.

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Allure Magazine "Worth the trek" listed on Allure "City by City to the best"- Best Hair salon and day spa for hair coloring, hair extensions, skin care.

: Rodolfo Valentin "THE WIZARD OF HAIR .It's rare to walk into a full service salon filled wall to wall with hair goods!

Distinction Magazine
Rodolfo Valentin is the walking encyclopedia of hair....

Vogue Magazine
Rodolfo Valentin a six foot three, flamboyant, leading hair designer...

"Love your hair- Is this salon extensions featuring Rodolfo Valentin"...

"Rodolfo Valentin a Long Island based hair designer with a decidedly international approach....

Rodolfo Valentin: Best Hair Salon in New York City...

Hampton Sheet
Rodolfo Valentin "the new york society hair stylist"

Best hair stylist in New York and in the world: Rodolfo Valentin”

New York Salon and Spa

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